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Government Of Assam Finance Directorate of Small Savings

Our Vision and Mission

  • Small savings collection constitutes a major share of resource to execute public welfare. While small savings schemes are operated through the post offices and selected banks, the Directorate of Small Savings, Assam is the designated agency to promote the habit of small savings in the State. It adopts vigorous direct contact measures including rural publicity campaigns at the block level, agents' training programmes at the district level and small savings advertisement through electronic and print media. The Director is assisted by one Publicity Officer, three Assistant Publicity Officers and supporting staff at its headquarter in Guwahati.

    A major chunk of the net small savings collections generally returns back to Assam as long term-soft loan by the Government of India. The long repayment schedule makes it an excellent resource of the State for investment in the development of infrastructure like roads, bridges, water supply, medical, educational institutes, etc.

    Besides promotion of the schemes, there are three other functions of the Directorate of Small Savings, Assam:

    • To appoint agents under Standardised Agency System (SAS) and Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana (MPKBY).
    • Periodic renewal of all small savings agencies.
    • Addressing complaints and grievances of small savings agents and investors.